Portland Rose Bowl @ Marple GC, 29th July 2022

Portland Rose Bowl @ Marple GC, 29th July

We arrived at Marple thinking we had the day wrong as there wasn’t a single person around and the club house seemed deserted. However the pro appeared and a little later we were shown to a coffee machine. The only member of the Portland who is also a member of Marple Chris Miles was a strong contender and my betting money with his high handicap was going on Chris. Imagine my despair when Chris arrived looking a little pale and complaining of a bad back forcing him to miss his chance of a winners cup. 

Nevertheless 24 prime athletes lined up to take on the Marple course. John Martin true to form arrived at the last minute and just about had chance to claim his bacon butty. The rollover of the two’s prize money from Denton produced a hum of anticipation among the participants, at least I think that where the hum came from. 

There was no real issues on the day except that the pair entrusted with putting out the nearest the pin markers and longest drive failed miserably (John Martin – Chris Murphy you were given one job). 

Anyway on to the results. Unusually there were 5 par 3’s on Marple (this maybe what confused dumb and dumber) This meant that the handicap secretary was remiss in not doing his pre game check and acquiring an extra Steve Payne patented pin marker. That meant that the carry over 2’s money had less chance of surviving here. As it was 3 people achieved a 2.

The result was a 3 x 2 card play offs with the battle of the Andys for first place. The ever improving Andy Minshull pipped at the post by Andy Howarth .

Nearest Pin     
2 No One  
6 Dave McGovern  
11 Geoff Haynes  
 15 Andy Howarth  
 17 Andy Howarth   
Longest Drive Gary Brocklehurst  
2's Andy Howarth  
  Dave Hartley  
 Rob Goodwin Davy
Results  Name Pts
Mention Dave Hartley 35 acpo
5th Rob Goodwin Davy 35 acpo
4th Bob Chadwick 36 acpo
3rd Dave Alcock 36 acpo
2nd Andy Minshull 38 acpo
1st Andy Howarth 38 acpo



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