Turkey 2022

Sirene Hotel, Belek, Turkey

2nd to 9th May 2022

After 3 Covid cancelations we finally managed to get away. As well as the obvious covid issues it didn’t help that Turkish Airlines cancelled our return flights three weeks before we were due to fly. Alternatives were made via Jet2 and we were good to go. The publicity around Manchester Airport problems meant that we were prepared for the queues and they didn’t disappoint. Of the 10 security bays only 4 were in operation 1 for Fast Track, 2 for assistance buggies etc leaving 3&4 for all other passengers one hour and 20 minutes later some of us were through but in their wisdom Manchester Airport then closed the 4th one. This meant some of our party took even longer and didn’t manage a drink or food before takeoff. 

Things didn’t really improve at Antalya as it took another hour to get our bags off the plane, it was raining and all the bags were wet. Anyway we arrived at the resort and although there was no food the bar was still open so we could begin to relax. Pete Derbyshire received an early wake up as the missing curtain in his room allowed the morning sun to stream through and wake him up. 


Bright sunshine greeted us the next morning and off we went to the Sultan course, this being the tougher of the two courses we were playing. Due to the volume of golfers on the course the round took over 5 hours and was most frustrating.  Kevin Bolton took the money on the first day with Dave McGovern 2nd

We then played the Pasha course which although containing a lot less water still challenged the majority of us. Not Mel Garner though as he came in with an incredible 41 points his nearest challenger was Pete Derbyshire a full 6 shots behind. 



 Day 1

 Day 2

 Day 3 

 Day 4


 Dave McGovern  28  33  25  37  123
 Kevin Bolton  31  30  23  37  121
 Mel Garner  26  41  21  33  121
 John Martin  27  33  31  29  120
 Jay Chambers  23  32  28  29  112
 Pete Derbyshire  20  35  22  28  105
 Ian Hopkins  26  30  20  27  103
 Rob Chadwick  26  32 14  17  89


The prizes were awarded on last day and the top 3 given their reward, collectively this was changed into English pounds and donated to Portland Captain Ernie Rowlands at the next Portland event. 

There are discussions underway as to the chances of a 2023 Turkey trip so watch this space.