Rowes Bowl @ Deane 2021 Report

Rowes Bowl @ Deane, Friday July 30th 2021

With a rather dodgy weather forecast we made our third attempt at playing Deane. It started out cold wet and windy. It could only get better, it did. The course has matured well . They have changed the layout of a few holes and have eradicated  what was a bomb alley. There were a few ravines to be crossed which made for interesting shots. But as the results show below it was playable.


Player Nearest the Pin TWO's
Luke Savage 1st  
Joe Boyd 5th 2
Pete Derbyshire 13th 2 (Steve Payne)
Bill Harris 16th 2
Chris Miles 18th  







Brian Murray 37pts 1st New HC 25.5
Bill Harris 35pts 2nd 7.8
Bren Brady 35pts 3rd 26.5
Martin Claffy 34pts  4th 21.8
Bob Chadwick 32pts 5th 27.5
Andy Southworth 32pts King of the mentions, top of the list for 0.2 on HC


The website for the course mentioned it being close to the Pennines. It was within earshot. You could hear shepherds Yodelling to one another. As the 2s pot was being carried over from Stand the 5 par 3s on the course ensured it was sorted. With power men taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd you could say it was a 440 volt finish or is it just a phase their going through. Good luck on them they have put a lot into the Portland. So to have the Sinnot’s who have been travelling down the M6 and staying in Motels to get to events. I must mention Ernie the vice. He had recovered from his incident at Stand. He put a good round and supported Paul with his presentation. Any chit-chat from the audience was quickly silenced by Ernie. All in all people enjoyed the day and were looking forward to Sale a much flatter course than Stand and Deane.