Rowes Bowl 2019 Report

Rowes Bowl @ Hazel Grove GC Report, Thursday July 25th 2019

Well Pete Derbyshire worked his magic for this one it turned out to be the hottest day of the year so far. The challenge of hills had been replaced by the heat. The course was in great condition and the trees had filled out making it a tougher than last time we played here. With 5 par 3’s surely somebody was going to get a 2. See the tables below.

Top 10
Player Score Posn Prior Post Why
Lancaster P 38 1 15.5 13 5>34
Garner M 36 2 25.95 22.95 3>34
Brook T 34 3 18 17.5 3rd
Tobin T 32   8.4 8.4 duffer
Haynes G 31   9 9 buffer
Payne S 30   28 28 suffer
Coburn J 29   18.6 18.8 0.2
Regan D 29   28 28 max
Southworth A 28   27.7 27.9 0.2
Bolton K 27   21 21.2 0.2


Some good scores in how they did on the par 3's. Nearest the pins below

Hole 2 Phil Lancaster
Hole 5 Mel Garner
Hole 9 Andy Southworth
Hole 11 Geoff Haynes
Hole 13 Pete Derbyshire
Longest Drive Mel Garner


To extend the excitement further a nearest pin with your 2nd shot was set up on par 4's

15 Graham Murray
18 Phil Lancaster


Once again there were no 2’s. Securicor will at the next event to escort anybody who manages a 2 home. With a nearest the pin with your 2nd on the 18th a few people chose to sit on the bench watching others finish. Howard Dickson in his enthusiasm to cheer a good shot managed to swallow a wasp. Like most of the putting it was a bit jabby and stung his bottom lip. This could have been in response to Howard’s rather racy tattoo of a wasp on his calf. Our lovely Captain was escorted round the course by the brothers Regan. She said she had a lovely round and was impressed by boys fussing over her. I guess you could call it brotherly love.  Being a carnivore I found the meal simply divine. Steak and chips with a sauce that I’d have to describe as lovely. It may not have suited Vegans. Congratulations to the top finishers they all had a good driving day which makes the game easier. Can anybody putt? Find out next time at Birchwood. NB for >34 read >33 oops.