Captains Cup 2019 Report

Captains Day @ Harwood Report, Thursday June 27th 2019

Captains Cup 2019 a hot day in the hills of Harwood

Our lovely Captain Frances had chosen to hold her day at Harwood as it was more suitable for such a great occasion than the nearby Lowes Park. We had been to Harwood before and found them very welcoming, which they were this time. The course was in excellent condition with a few changes to the back 9 holes all for the better. The front nine holes were just as hilly as they ever were and it was probably a good thing we were only playing 18 holes on the day. We had a turnout of over 30 players with Frances getting a few golfing chums to support her on her day. Lynda Brady had even talked her husband Brendan into coming along. Christine and Betty were friends from the MANCASS golfing trips. Having witnessed people struggling to push their trolleys up to the first green on what was one of the flatter sections of the course we set out with some trepidation.  Below is a table of how thing went   for the top ten finishers.

 Results of morning team event

Top Ten

Caps Cup









Dickson H 34 1 13.45 11.95 1st
Boyd J 33 2 11.3 10.3 2nd
Coburn J 32 3 19.6 18.6 3rd
Claffy M 31   18.1 18.1 Buffer
Harris W 31   7.5 7.5 Buffer
Southworth A 31   27,7 27.7 Buffer
Rowlands E 30   28 28 Buffer
Tobin T 30   8.4 8.4 Buffer
Haynes G 28   8.5 8.7 +0.2
Martin J 28   24.5 24.7 +0.2


With a monster rollover with the 2’s contest there was probably more concerns for the nearest the pins. Below is another table showing those who had their chances.

Nearest the pin hole 1 John Martin
Nearest the pin hole 4 David Baynes
Nearest the pin hole 10 Andy Southworth
Nearest the pin hole 17 Terry Tobin
Longest drive (Bertie Boy) Terry Tobin


Well none of them managed a 2 so it will be an even bigger rollover at Hazel Grove.

Frances once again delivered a speech to touch the heart. So much so that there was a certain amount of filling up taking place. She recounted an article written by the late Keith Massey were he had commented on Frances as a player and posed the question would she ever be the captain of the Portland. Frances should in no way be embarrassed about becoming emotional on her Captains day. She is not the 1st I remember running into the car park in floods of tears when they explained that I was expected to get the 1st round in.