Spring Plate Report, April 2019

Spring Plate at Didsbury GC, Friday 26th April 2019

Didsbury another Duel in the Damp

It felt like old times returning to Didsbury. This sensation continued right up to the winner being announced.  Steve Mainwaring turning out hadn’t happened for a few years. The weather turned out to be reminiscent of years gone by. Lucky for me I had forgotten my shoes and had to borrow a pair that were far more waterproof than mine. Last time we played here the Didsbury boys dominated the results but I cannot see any of them in the tables below so it would appear somethings have changed.     


 Nearest the pins  4. Brian Murrayl  6. Andy Minshull  11. Dave Baynes  18. Geoff Haynes
Longest Drive  Kieran Dunn      

Top 4 Finishers

   Points Handicap  Revised
4. John Coburn 33  No change  
3. Brian Murray 33 27  26
2. Dave Baynes


17.9  16.9
1. Geoff Haynes 34 9.2  8k.3


Following a very nice meal our very nice captain Frances had everybody’s ear when she regaled us with a Pam Ayers poem concerning the relationships between men and women. It was very apt. On completion there were a few utterances of “here -here” whether this was people agreeing with the spirit of the poem or members’ asking for their ears back it was hard to say. Once again card play offs were required to define the finishing positions. This was a further step back to old times with Geoff Haynes taking pole position. This has happened time and time again over the last four decades. Geoff must have got through more Duraglit than the man that cleaned the kit of the Knights of the Round Table. Despite the rain the mood was good and the event a success.