Portland cup at Saddleworth, Friday 31st May 2019

With a few members away sunning themselves including Captain Frances and hubby Paul the numbers were down. Those that were turning out could be classed as hard core golfers. There were horror tales going around about the hilliness of the course. The recent weather did not lend itself to pleasant golf. But Frances had looked after the weather by getting Captain Sunshine Pete Derbyshire to step up for the day. Pete worked his magic we had no rain but he couldn’t do anything about the terrain. The golf club is first rate and the effort the green staff must put in to produce such a good course on the land available is amazing and has to be applauded. The sheep in adjacent fields looked like they had been crossed with Yaks.

Below is a table of how the nearest the pins panned out.

Nearest the Pins
2. Kev Bolton
5. Bob Chadwick
10. Chris Murphy
 15. Geoff Haynes
Longest Drive
Kieran Dunn
 No 2's******


There were no 2s so next time out a double rollover.                   

Buggies were available and thankfully Ian Ringwood had got one. Ian crocked his leg quite early in his round. It was amazing that he finished even with a buggy. Watching him walk across a green nearly brought tears to your eyes. When he sank his putt you did have tears in your eyes. Ian managed 27 points which was the average for the day. As that had been rounded up from 26.55 he was above average. Below is a table of how the top 5 finished.

Top 5 finishers

  Points Handicap Revised  
 Ian Hopkins
 39  22.2  17 winner
 Kev Bolton
 34  23  21 2nd
 Kieran Dunn
 33  28  27 3rd
 Joe Coburn
 32 19.6  19.6 Buffer
 Andy Minshull
 31  25.2  25.2 Duffer


From the table above you can see how the average of 27 was attained. There were lower scores to bring it down but telling you my score could be considered bragging. I will say I didn’t have a buggy.  I didn’t have a power trolley. I didn’t take part in the run in the park the next day. I have had a couple of nights good sleep. The winner may have done some tossing and turning wondering how he was going to cope with his new low handicap. No thought as to the problem he had set the poor handicap secretary. Ian is another fan of wearing shorts in all weather. This has resulted in a pair of legs that wouldn’t look out of place on a mountain gorilla. The poor handicap secretary had to decide do I shave these before cutting them off. With a big bounty in the 2’s chest a few more should be out for Captain’s day.







Spring Plate at Didsbury GC, Friday 26th April 2019

Didsbury another Duel in the Damp

It felt like old times returning to Didsbury. This sensation continued right up to the winner being announced.  Steve Mainwaring turning out hadn’t happened for a few years. The weather turned out to be reminiscent of years gone by. Lucky for me I had forgotten my shoes and had to borrow a pair that were far more waterproof than mine. Last time we played here the Didsbury boys dominated the results but I cannot see any of them in the tables below so it would appear somethings have changed.     


 Nearest the pins  4. Brian Murrayl  6. Andy Minshull  11. Dave Baynes  18. Geoff Haynes
Longest Drive  Kieran Dunn      

Top 4 Finishers

   Points Handicap  Revised
4. John Coburn 33  No change  
3. Brian Murray 33 27  26
2. Dave Baynes


17.9  16.9
1. Geoff Haynes 34 9.2  8k.3


Following a very nice meal our very nice captain Frances had everybody’s ear when she regaled us with a Pam Ayers poem concerning the relationships between men and women. It was very apt. On completion there were a few utterances of “here -here” whether this was people agreeing with the spirit of the poem or members’ asking for their ears back it was hard to say. Once again card play offs were required to define the finishing positions. This was a further step back to old times with Geoff Haynes taking pole position. This has happened time and time again over the last four decades. Geoff must have got through more Duraglit than the man that cleaned the kit of the Knights of the Round Table. Despite the rain the mood was good and the event a success.


The Presidents Cup and AGM at Stockport, March 2019

The weather forecast for the day was possible rain showers but 27 hardy golfers turned up to play for the Presidents Cup, and as it was the first event of the 2019 golf season it was followed by our AGM.

We were greeted at the golf club with hot bacon barmcakes and tea or coffee before we ventured onto the course to attempt to win the major prize. The first tee off time was 1030hrs and all of the field enjoyed sunshine for the whole round of golf.

Below is how the golf panned out.

Nearest the Pins 5. Paul Sinnott 8. Mike Hill 11. Martin Claffy *2's Below
Longest Drive Andy Minshull      Mike Hill


The minor prizes of nearest the pin and longest drive were: on the first of the Par 3’s, hole number 5, nearest the pin went to Paul Sinnott. The next Par 3, hole number 8, went to Mike Hill. The next Par 3, hole number 11, went to Martin Claffey. The final Par 3, hole number 16 proved to be a difficult one with none of the golfers actually hitting the green.

Longest drive on the day was won by Andy Minshull.

There are also prizes for any 2 on the day and Dave Baynes managed a 2 on the 5th hole, but Mike Hill managed a 2 on the 8th hole and a 2 on the 16th hole. The more observant of you will notice that although nobody scored a nearest the pin on the 16th Hole, Mike Hill managed to score a 2 by chipping in from off the green.

Top 5 Finishers

   Points Handicap  Revised
6. Martin Claffy 32    
5. Geoff Haynes 32    
4. Bill Harris 33    
3. Brian Murray 34    
2. Dave Barratt 35    
1. Phil Lancaster 35    


The eventual winner on the day was Phil Lancaster who scored 35 points, beating Dave Barrett also on 35 points, but Phil had the better back nine score.

In third spot we had Brian Murray who scored 34 points, fourth spot went to Bill Harris with 33 points, and finishing the top six places were both Martin Claffey and Geoff Haynes, each scoring 32 points.


The presentation was followed by our AGM, where the outgoing Captain, Mr Pete Derbyshire stated that his Charity for 2018, Prostate Cancer Research, will benefit to the sum of £200-00 raised by all the golfers who attended the 2018 events, a big thank you to you all from the Captain and Prostate Cancer Research Committee. Pete then handed over proceeding to our incoming Captain this year Frances Sinnott, and presented her with a Statue of a Lady Golfer to mark her year in office, the first Lady Captain of the Society since it’s inception in 1965. Hopefully this may encourage more Lady golfers to join us throughout the year. The Captain stated that her charity for this year will be the British Heart Foundation, and asked everybody to give generously to such a worthy cause.

On the agenda there were no propositions and no Nomination for Posts.

 The Treasurer gave his report and then we had the presentation for Player of the Year for the previous season 2018. The winner was Bill Harris, beating a past Captain Kevin Bolton into second place. Kevin is also Captain at Blackley Golf Club for 2019 but will still support the Portland Society during his Office.

As it was the Presidents Cup, our President Mr Bill Macbeth treated everybody to their first drink at the bar and I think you will agree that this was a magnanimous gesture.

A big mention was given to one of our long standing members Mr Steve Payne, who unfortunately suffered a very bad cycling accident towards the end of 2018 whilst he was training for a Triathalon event. This has caused Steve to miss Golf for several months, but happily he is now well on the mend and hoping to be back with us soon playing golf. Steve is our Handicap Secretary and obviously we needed a Stand-In Secretary so Brian Murray volunteered to take up the post.

The Captain closed proceedings, wished everybody a safe trip home and said that she hoped to see as many as possible at the next event which is the Spring Plate event to be held on Friday 26th April at Didsbury Golf Club.



Honest - it was this far from the hole