Spring Plate at Hart Common GC, Thursday 28th April 2022

A good entry for the Spring Cup saw 37 golfers ( I use the term guardedly) pitch up at Westhoughton. There was a pleasant surprise when the normal bacon barm was replaced by a more substantial bacon egg and sausage barm, people complained that the eggs weren’t runny enough but I think that was a bonus having seen the eating methods of some of these guys over the years, no-one wants to see an egg stained golf shirt. 

A challenging course with just 3 par 3’s on it saved Mr Harris a sleeve of balls for nearest the pin prize. Makinh his debut at the Portland Lee Crossley claimed the prize on the first with Tony Kershaw and Johnny Shepherd claiming the other two. People will be asking to go out last every month as it does give you a target to aim at for nearest the pin, (nuff said) 

Keith McEwan hit an enormous drive on the 16th to take the plaudits for the longest drive, many of our serial winners tried and failed to beat him. 

The main event saw card playoffs required to decide the top 3 and results can be seen below. Mike Smith with a great score of 41 points off a playing handicap of 8 led the field. I was reminded that the Portland rules state that to win a trophy the person had to have submitted 3 cards in Portland events. Unfortunately for Mike this was only his 2ndouting so the prize money went to Mike (more of that later) and luckily for Johnny Shepherd he had just put his 3rdcard in that day and took the trophy.

Our Captain Mr Ernie Rowland had announced that in order to raise as much as possible for his chosen charity of Parkinsons research this year he would hold a mini fund raiser at each event. This day it was Stand Up Bingo and despite everyone standing on chairs none of us could reach the height of the eventual winner our new President Mel Garner. In a great gesture our winner Mike Smith donated his winnings to the cause, well done Mike. 

There was a great display of friendship with Alan Saville and Andy Southwood displaying a tribute to our recently passed member Phil Lancaster. Previously known at a number of events as The Three Amigos, especially in Portugal 2017 (see picture below). Gone but never forgotten


Nearest Pin     
2 Lee Crossley  
11 Tony Kershaw  
14 John Shepherd  
Longest Drive Keith McKewan  
2's Tony Kershaw
Martin Claffey
Results  Name Pts
6th Kevin Bolton 35
5th Brian Murray ACPO 36
4th Lee Crossley ACPO 36
3rd John Cowburn ACPO 37
2nd John Shepherd ACPO 37
1st Mike Smith 41




The Presidents Cup & AGM @ Stockport GC, Thursday March 31st 2022

The first picture is the winner of the days Portland golf event, Pete Derbyshire, the second photo is the player of the year winner for 2021 Martin Claffey.

Both pictures taken with our new captain Ernie Rowlands. 



Stockport Golf Club Portland Golf Presidents Cup/AGM

The day started with a telephone call from the Stockport Green Keeper to our Treasurer stating that the Course was closed due to over night snow which was surprising as no snow had fallen in our local area. The Green Keeper was told that it was too late to inform all the attendees as they were traveling from far and wide and could not be stopped. He agreed to open the Course and carry out a Course inspection at 0930hrs to see if it was playable. 30 keen Golfers duly arrived and tucked into our Coffee/Tea and Bacon Rolls whilst the Green Keepers did their best to clear the Fairways and Greens for us to have our game. Another Course inspection was carried out at 1030hrs and the Course was deemed fit to play so off we went. As the day progressed the weather warmed up and everybody enjoyed their game. After the games were completed we all tucked into our 2 Course meal, which was then followed by our AGM. The outgoing Captain, Paul Sinnott, welcomed everybody to the event but then had the very sad task of announcing the sudden death of one of our long standing member and friend Mr Phil Lancaster. Every stood and a minutes silence was observed.

Our new Captain, Ernie Rowlands, was then handed the reigns and commenced proceedings. The outgoing Captains Charity, the British Heart Foundation, had been presented with a cheque for £156-00, and had sent a thank you letter which was given to Paul. Ernie Rowlands announced that his Charity for the Year would be Parkinsons Research for which he aims to raise as much money as possible. During the AGM it was announced that our new President would be Mel Garner which went down really well with all in attendance. The Treasurers Report was read out and as no propositions had been received the meeting was closed. The Captain announced the date and Venue for the next event, the Spring Plate, and wished everyone a safe trip home


Nearest Pin 



Mel Garner



Pete Derbyshire



Jay Chambers



Geoff Haynes


Longest Drive



Jay Chambers





Jay Chambers



Martin Claffey









Johnny Shepherd

30 Points


Chris Miles



Paul Delargy



Bob Chadwick



Pete Derbyshire



Next Event       Spring Cup    Hart Common  28th April


Rowes Bowl @ Deane, Friday July 30th 2021

With a rather dodgy weather forecast we made our third attempt at playing Deane. It started out cold wet and windy. It could only get better, it did. The course has matured well . They have changed the layout of a few holes and have eradicated  what was a bomb alley. There were a few ravines to be crossed which made for interesting shots. But as the results show below it was playable.


Player Nearest the Pin TWO's
Luke Savage 1st  
Joe Boyd 5th 2
Pete Derbyshire 13th 2 (Steve Payne)
Bill Harris 16th 2
Chris Miles 18th  







Brian Murray 37pts 1st New HC 25.5
Bill Harris 35pts 2nd 7.8
Bren Brady 35pts 3rd 26.5
Martin Claffy 34pts  4th 21.8
Bob Chadwick 32pts 5th 27.5
Andy Southworth 32pts King of the mentions, top of the list for 0.2 on HC


The website for the course mentioned it being close to the Pennines. It was within earshot. You could hear shepherds Yodelling to one another. As the 2s pot was being carried over from Stand the 5 par 3s on the course ensured it was sorted. With power men taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd you could say it was a 440 volt finish or is it just a phase their going through. Good luck on them they have put a lot into the Portland. So to have the Sinnot’s who have been travelling down the M6 and staying in Motels to get to events. I must mention Ernie the vice. He had recovered from his incident at Stand. He put a good round and supported Paul with his presentation. Any chit-chat from the audience was quickly silenced by Ernie. All in all people enjoyed the day and were looking forward to Sale a much flatter course than Stand and Deane.