Jeff Hindle Memorial Trophy

The latest date in the Portland Golf Society 2018 calendar took place at Worsley Golf Club on Thursday 30th August. Due to holiday commitments there were a number of absences from our stalwart members. Most noticeable was our Captain Pete Derbyshire who was taking a well earned break ( at least he says it was well earned). Normally that would mean a promotion of our vice captain Frances Sinott but a packed diary of grandchildren and tv appearances ( more of that later) prevented her attendance. So our previous years captain was pressed reluctantly (shy and retiring that he is) into substituting. Our handicaps secretary was also absent as he and Dave Baynes were mugging some pensioners somewhere in a Seniors Open event. Thus no handicap reductions were made on the day as his substitute (ex captain again) could not get his head round the methods used by Mr Payne to generate handicaps.

Worsley was looking good after the recent rainfall and the day maintained Captain Pete Derbyshires record of having a dry golf  event despite being substituted by Kevin Tlaloc Bolton ( in case you’re wondering Tlaloc is the Aztec god of rain, lightening and thunder). The morning event gave us a flavour of the course and starting off with two long par 5’s closely followed by a 216 yrd par 3 certainly assisted the big hitters.  The results for the morning team event were :

 Results of morning team event

 Mention 24pts  Brian Murray  Rob Chadwick  Ernie Rowlands
 2nd Place 25 pts  Phil Lancaster  Anthony Sever  Terry Tobin
 Winners 27 pts  Ian Ringwood   John Coburn  Howard Dixon


A lunch of sandwich and chips followed, which included the surprise appearance of Andy Southworth, it seems he could smell the chips from the Telephone Exchange. Due to the late withdrawal of John Martin, who had to service his holiday mansion in Abersoch as the butlers and chambermaids had gone on a well earned break, the afternoon session was changed to 4 balls.

 PM Individual event

Nearest the Pins
Hole 6: Joe Boyd
Hole 8: Kevin Bolton
Hole 13: Phil Lancaster
 Hole 18: Phil Lancaster
Longest Drive
Geoff Haynes



It was a close finish to the competition with 3 tied on 34 points, two on 35 and a clear winner. Card playoffs had to go to back 3 before just missing out was Kevin Bolton head of the 34’s.  Second and third places was a real Syd and Eddie affair with Andy Minshull pushing Big John Coburn back into 3rd.  Despite  scoring zero points on the first and last holes Martin Claffey sandwiched 39 points in between and following young Callum Claffeys win a couple of years ago become the first father and son holders of this trophy.

Top 6 finishers

Mention Dave McGovern
Mention Terry Tobin
Mention Kevin Bolton
3rd John Coburn
2nd Andy Minshull
1st Martin Claffy 39


There were 4 two’s on the day Bill Harris, Joe Boyd and 2x 2’s for Phil Lancaster.

Back to the absence of our vice captain it appears that she went to an event at the Lowry and was filmed for an upcoming TV show ( I don’t know for sure but they are making a new series of Love Island, just saying.)

Anyway that’s all from the Antiques Roadshow.

See you at Davenport on 27th September and hope the lucky ones going to Turkey golfing in the next couple of weeks have a great time.


God of Rain, etc





Captains Day @ Dukinfield Report, Thursay June 28th 2018

Once again Captain Pete had arranged a dry day. A very dry day sun stroke and the nearby moors fire were our chief concerns. Along with the weather Pete had arranged an England game to be on in the evening and for those who did not like football there was a bouncy castle.

 Results of morning team event

 Mention 21pts  Pete Derbyshire  Bill Harris  Matt Biddle
 Mention 22pts  Francis Sinnott  Paul Sinnott  Ian Hopkins
 2nd Place 25 pts  Ian Ringwood  Carl-C-Prince  Dave Baynes
 Winners 24 pts  Alan Saville  Brian Murray  Rob-G-Davy
2's AM  Carl-C-Prince  Steve Payne  


 PM Individual event

Nearest the Pins
2. Bill Harris
4. Kieran Dunn
7.Keith McEwan
16 Nobody
Longest Drive
Keith McEwan
 2's....  Bill Harris


Top 5 finishers

  Points Handicap Revised
5. Pauil Sinnott
29  No change
4. Bill Harris
31  No change
3. Ian Ringwood
33 28 27
2. Martin Claffy
33 21.8 19.8
1. Ian Hopkins
34 25.5 22.5


Keeping the ball on the fairway was the order of the day. The ball had huge amounts of run on it and anything not straight was either a lost ball or a recovery shot from 2 fairways away. It is hard to believe Martin and Ian did so well as they are 2 of the most curvaceous strikers of the ball in the society. To be fair to Martin he did hit some straight shots in the afternoon. In the morning he had found a garden and had to fill out a ball leaving the course form. He asked for a few forms for the afternoon but I do not recall him having to fill another out. I can only assume Ian was using his new wonder irons off the tee or he was bouncing shots back of the safety netting which prevailed around the course.   Ian Ringwood will be chuffed about finishing 3rd and having a handicap reduction.  I just wonder if he can remember the last time it happened. Not so chuffed was John Coburn who managed to run his trolley through the contents of a dog’s colon. It clung to the full 360’s of his wheel. Thankfully he managed to spin it off on some grass before the sun baked it in place for eternity. The rollover 2’s prize was captured by Bill Harris. A few other bounty hunters turned out but you’ve got to get out early to beat Bill. The dining was chaotic at best with fifty other people in the room to watch the match. A few more staff would not have gone a miss. The lad serving us was hard pushed. I would like to know who pushed him when he was serving me with my sticky toffee pudding. It landed in my lap, it was sticky and hot. We went up to the boardroom for the presentation. It was so hot people began to get dizzy. John Martin spilt his wine and we all went home laughing. Many thanks to Pete for his pints and presents.





Portland cup at Northenden

With the kids off school the run into Northenden was a breeze. It was going to be another scorching day out with the Portland. There was a buzz in the air. Ernie Rowlands was turning out. He did not disappoint putting on a brilliant Buzz Hawkins tribute act to keep us merrily chortling. Kev Bolton was his warm up act doing his Old Steptoe routine. Hydration was the only problem. The pro shop had run out of water and with no sand in the bunkers setting up a desert still was out of the question. The rest of the course was in fine fettle. This was reflected in some of the scoring which followed.  

Below is a table of how the morning team event panned out.

Mention 27pts

Kev Bolton

 Dave Baynes

Pete Derbyshire

Mention 28pts

Phil Lancaster

 Alan Saville


2nd place 29 pts

Ernie Rowlands

 Bob Chadwick

Bill Harris

Winners 30pts

Ian Ringwood

Joe Boyd

Stephen Payne


The pro’s tip for playing the course was to keep the ball on the fairway. With so much run on the ball only the straightest hitters were going to do this. But it wasn’t the end of the world if you went into the trees. The course was tidy and you only lost a stroke not a ball. Meaning some big scores came in. The average for the day was 27. Two points more than the usual average. Bill Harris coming 4 clear of the field was following the Pro’s tip. He played 75 strokes to complete his round just 3 over par. I cannot remember a Portland round being that low. There were no 2’s morning or afternoon. The 2’s pot will be rolled over for Captains day. Pete has already promised us good weather. The rest of the season is going to interesting. Can anybody catch Bill? A few surprisingly had their handicaps replenished after not performing to their usual standards. Very interesting indeed.   

Nearest the pins

Nearest the Pins
4.Dave McGovern
8. Ian Ringwood 12 Nobody
 15. Phil Lancaster
Longest Drive
Martin Claffy
 No 2's******


Top 6 finishers

  Points Handicap Revised
6. Kev Bolton  33    
5. Phil Lancaster
4. Brian Murray  34  26.4  25.4
3. Kieran Dunn
 36  28  26
2. Dave McGovern
 36 13.9  12.4
1. Bill Harris
 40  8.4  7