Pairs event @ Wilmslow Golf Club, October 25th 2018

The last Portland Golf event of 2018 took place at Wilmslow Golf Club. We must have behaved ourselves last year as they had us back. There were a number of absentees from our regular entrants some with more serious reason for absence, more of which later.

The day began in what some would describe as “light drizzle” but it was enough for the bookies to refuse to pay out on Captain Pete Derbyshire having a 100% dry year during his watch. Kevin Bolton felt there was a God after enduring Petes boasting all year, I told you Tailoc the God of Rain etc would come good.

There were no near misses on the first tee this year as most managed to get their drives over the 9th green, though some did catch the brook behind the green. There was a late absentee on the day when Alan Saville took ill in the morning and was admitted to hospital with what turned out to be a viral infection, thankfully he is recovering well.

With the storm clouds breaking and bright sunshine enveloping the course the days golf went really well. Alans absence meant Phil Lancaster had no-one to drive his buggy so had to do it himself and also needed a ghost to boost his total as it was a pairs event. Paul Sinnott was identified as the person most qualified to substitute for Sav, think it had more to do with similar handicaps than anything else.

The fantastic rewards on offer by the society meant that you could tell when someone had hit the green with a potential nearest the pin prize. On the 14th Terry Tobin nearly missed his tee off on 15th as he was busy watching the last group make their attempt as Terry had one hand on the prize. Geoff Haynes took the honours much to Terry dismay, though Terry did claim the prize on the 17th. Talking of nearest the pins it would be remiss of me not to mention the shot to the 6th to win nearest the pin, and sinking of a 20 foot  putt to get a 2 for the author of this report.

It was a very close finish with 2nd to 5th just 4 points separating them, the winners Andy Minshull and Chris Murphy with a magnificent 44 points to get back their trophy that they lost last year.

One other notable absentee was the ever popular Handicaps Secretary Steve Payne who unfortunately has met with a severe cycling accident whilst training for a Triathlon. He is presently recovering in Leeds General and we all send our best wishes.

 PM Individual event

Nearest the Pins
6. Kevin Bolton
9 Geoff Haynes
14. Geoff Haynes
17. Terry Tobin
Longest Drive
Martin Claffy
2's Kevin Bolton, Geoff Haynes and Pete Derbyshire  


 Position   Name  Points
 Mention  Phil Lancaster  Paul Sinnott    35
 Mention  Kevin Bolton  Ian Ringwood     36
 3rd  Pete Derbyshire  Matt Biddle   37
 2nd  Geoff Haynes  Howard Dixon   38
 1st  Andy Minshull  Chris Murphy   44





The Autumn Cup at Davyhulme 2018

Captain Pete Derbyshire’s run of glorious golfing days continued. If anything the sun was too bright. Being lower in the sky keeping an eye on the ball was a problem. But better that than raindrops landing in your eye. The course was okay but for some reason the scores were down on when played 2 years ago. The average score then was 30 compared with 26 this year. Only 18 holes were played as the days are getting shorter. This gave us a taster for next year when all events are going to be 18 only. Below are the result tables.

 PM Individual event

Nearest the Pins
2. Steve Payne
4. Martin Claffy
12. Nobody
17. Pete Derbyshire
Longest Drive
Mel Garner
2's 1.Bill Harris      


Posn Name Score Handicap Revised
5th Bob Chadwick 31    
4th Brian Murray 31    
3rd Phil Lancaster 34 15.3 14.8
2nd Dave Baynes 35 19.9 17.9
1st Kev Bolton 36 21.6 18.6


As we finished early we were able to dine in our smart casual attire. Councillor Murphy’s long red shorts being on the casual side of that phrase. The meal was fine as were the bacon sandwiches on arrival. The burning question then was could the shy and retiring Kev Bolton manage a winners speech. I tried to organise a book on how long it was going to last but couldn’t find a calendar for time keeping purposes. It looked like we were in for a marathon as he talked us through the first 2 holes. But credit where credit is due he did not dwell on his prowess and delivered a pleasantly balanced speech with touches of humility. Bill Harris did his usual pulling something out of the ashes to clean up the 2’s and go home with pockets jingling. On the way home Kev told me the reason he didn’t reveal all the secrets of his round. He is writing 2 books on the event. Out first will be “Up front at Davyhulme” and the delayed for the Christmas rush will be “Davyhulme the back 9”.  I just hope his good form remains solid until the pairs at Wilmslow where he will be partnering me with his new handicap.  




Turkey Golf, September 2018 Report

On 12th September 28 lucky souls assembled at Manchester Airport for the annual overseas Portland Golf event. We decided to return to Turkey following 3 years in Spain and Portugal. The £6 price tag for a pint of lager in the departure lounge didn’t put some people off as they were on their hols. The flight was more or less on time and despite the previous days problems of 2 hour queues in security it was fairly painless.

Arriving in Turkey we were greeted by Laura Golf Travel reps who provided a glass of bubbly and a stress free transfer to our hotel the Kaya Palazzo Belek. There were a couple of complaints about rooms which were swiftly and efficiently dealt with by the hotel and we all settled in for the night.

An early start with a 09:04 tee time saw a rushed breakfast and a swift packaging of supplies for the golf, and we were taken by golf buggy to the hotels own course for day 1. It made a pleasant change to play golf in 30deg and sun rather than the rain we had left behind. And day one gave the following results.

 Bob Sinclair   38 Gail Robertson   31
 Johnny Shepherd   37 Carol Aikin   25
 Bob Chadwick   35 Lynda Brady   25


If we thought day 1 was an early start I don’t think we were prepared for Mel telling us that next day was an 08:06 start and it was a minibus drive away, so 07:15 collection. This caused some anguish as restaurant didn’t open until 07:00. So a quick bowl of cereal and packed lunch and off we went. One of our party from Wigan Colin Melling kept us waiting whilst he made his version of a Wigan Kebab which consisted of Turkey on a muffin. We arrived at the Carya course which is the venue for the Turkish Open. During the course of the day Colin decided to enjoy the fruits of his labours only to be thwarted by a Turkish crow who he reckons followed him, waited until he unwrapped his butty and  whilst he was taking his put made off with the turkey. We’re not sure if it was the same bird, but on the next hole a crow picked up his ball off the green and tried to make off with it, only a screaming banshee attack from Colin retrieved the ball.

Frances Sinnott 30
Gail Robertson 26
Carol Aiken 24
Dave McGovern 33
Phil Lancaster 31
Kevin Bolton 30


Day 3 was another early start this time to the PGA Sultan course so another early start and hastily packed lunch Colin double wrapping his this time. There were no real incidents of note this day and a challenging course gave a lot of satisfaction ( I think that’s what they said) to all.

Ladies Results
Mens Results
Frances Sinnott 26 Phil Lancaster 33
Gail Robertson 25 Kevin Bolton 30
Carol Aiken 24 Bob Sinclair 29


We were greeted with the news that the tee times the next day were beginning at 12:06, although a cheer broke out that we could have a lie in, the results at the course proved the benefits of an early tee. Although we had booked 10 buggies booked in advance when we arrived there were none to be had. One of our party had the foresight to bring a medical note so they had to find one for him but we had the situation where one of our ladies would be unable to play unless one was found. The compromise we were given was an electric trolley for 9 holes switching to a buggy for back 9. This still wasn’t enough for one of our party but eventually we managed to acquire one. To say it was challenging was an understatement my electric buggy gave up the ghost after two holes and the freshly acquired buggy decided to shed a tyre after 3 holes. The girls eventually got a replacement buggy and my electric one was exchanged for a pull one. The Gloria golf course wasn’t so Glorious

Ladies Results
Mens Results
Frances Sinnott 25 Bob Chadwick 36
Gail Robertson 24 Brian Chambers 33
Carol Aiken 22 Johnny Shepherd 31


Our final game on Tuesday was at the Montgomerie course, and back to the 08:00 start but following the issues with buggies no complaints made. The added bonus of this course was the fact that the 19th  provided a free bar and food offer, the early finishers took full advantage of this fact. The food was actually some of the best found at the golf clubs.


Gail Robertson 31
Frances Sinnott 30
Carol Aiken 28
Johnny Shepherd 38
John Leigh 37
Robin Bailey 35


Overall Results
Gail Robertson 31 26 25 24 31 137
Frances Sinnott 22 30 26 25 30 133
Carol Aiken 25 24 24 22 28 123
Chris Waterfield 23 15 23 21 27 109
Lynda Brady 25 21 17 15 20 98
Johnny Shepherd 37 30 28 31 38 164
Bob Sinclair 38 29 29 26 33 155
Phil Lancaster 30 31 33 30 31 155
Bob Chadwick 35 23 22 36 34 150
Kevin Bolton 30 30 29 24 30 143


The hotel provided a great holiday with excellent rooms and food and drink aplenty. Following one evening of struggling to find a number of tables to allow us to eat together the restaurant manager opened a room especially for our group and provided us with our own waiters. This then became our room for the duration of the holiday.


The group as usual made their own entertainment most nights, and we only got one warning about the noise, think it was for the out of tune singing (no names no pack drill).


On the rare occasion where we had a rest from the golf some of our party decided to go on a Segway off road trail it was quite a strange experience.


It was an excellent holiday and thanks go to Mel for organising it. The one sour note from our stay was that one of our party Annemarie Banks took ill on the last day and had to be taken to hospital. Unfortunately she wasn’t able to travel back with us and at time of writing this is still in hospital in Turkey. The good news is that she is no longer in intensive care but still in critical care. Our best wishes go to her for a speedy recovery. Thanks also go to Golfing Experience, and Laura Golf Travel for the support to Annemarie when she was first admitted.

Kevin Bolton