Jeff Hindle Memorial Cup at North Manchester, Friday 28th August 2020

Well after quite a delay the Portland season got under way. The incoming captain Paul Sinnot knew just how big the shoes were he had to fill. He and his wife Francis had an early start from their new home in Cumbria. The weather that greeted them was pure Manchester. Rain, windy and dull. Having witnessed Francis's successful term of office as captain last year he had a good idea what was expected of him and proceeded to pull this off with some aplomb. He did err slightly when seeking information on the new to the society members. It is hard to believe but he pointed to someone in the room he could not recognise. It was only Ernie Rowlands his choice as vice captain. Now in defence of Mr Captain Ernie was sporting quite a head of curly hair. He used to call it his Billy Bouffant look when he was treading the boards on the Karaoke circuit. Now it looked a cross between Shirley Temple and Granny Clampett. A round of applause for Ernie for accepting the post of vice. Hold your head in shame if you were one of the 48 people who replied to Paul saying they didn't want to be vice.

As was the way last season there was no morning team event below is a table showing the results.



  Player Points Handicap Adjusted
 Mere mention  Terry Tobin 28   + 0.2
 King of mentions  Brian Murray 31 27 Buffer
 3rd  Chris Miles 34 19 18
 2nd  Bill Harris 35 7.6 7.2
1st  Mel Garner 40 20 15.5


 Nearest the Pins etc


Any 2's

9th hole Brian Murray  
11th Bill Harris The only 2 well done
18th Pete Derbyshire  
Longest Drive Mel Garner  


All things considered a turnout of 25 was good. The weather was poor it was a bank holiday weekend, people were sliding off to their caravans. North Manchester is not an easy course but when it is as wet as what is was it becomes very hard. There was little run even coming down the hills. Mel's score is quite remarkable. He has obviously been taking heed from the new pro at Blackley. Everyone was happy to be out playing golf again meeting old chums and new. Someone said the Rochdale cowboy had turned up but I couldn't see Mike Harding anywhere.

Mr Captain as well as choosing Ernie as his vice announced he would carry on as captain next year in order to give us time to get used to the fact that Ernie was going to be captain. What a bloke, that's seven more trips up and down the M6 with Frances and her shoes.