The Autumn Cup at Davyhulme 2018

Captain Pete Derbyshire’s run of glorious golfing days continued. If anything the sun was too bright. Being lower in the sky keeping an eye on the ball was a problem. But better that than raindrops landing in your eye. The course was okay but for some reason the scores were down on when played 2 years ago. The average score then was 30 compared with 26 this year. Only 18 holes were played as the days are getting shorter. This gave us a taster for next year when all events are going to be 18 only. Below are the result tables.

 PM Individual event

Nearest the Pins
2. Steve Payne
4. Martin Claffy
12. Nobody
17. Pete Derbyshire
Longest Drive
Mel Garner
2's 1.Bill Harris      


Posn Name Score Handicap Revised
5th Bob Chadwick 31    
4th Brian Murray 31    
3rd Phil Lancaster 34 15.3 14.8
2nd Dave Baynes 35 19.9 17.9
1st Kev Bolton 36 21.6 18.6


As we finished early we were able to dine in our smart casual attire. Councillor Murphy’s long red shorts being on the casual side of that phrase. The meal was fine as were the bacon sandwiches on arrival. The burning question then was could the shy and retiring Kev Bolton manage a winners speech. I tried to organise a book on how long it was going to last but couldn’t find a calendar for time keeping purposes. It looked like we were in for a marathon as he talked us through the first 2 holes. But credit where credit is due he did not dwell on his prowess and delivered a pleasantly balanced speech with touches of humility. Bill Harris did his usual pulling something out of the ashes to clean up the 2’s and go home with pockets jingling. On the way home Kev told me the reason he didn’t reveal all the secrets of his round. He is writing 2 books on the event. Out first will be “Up front at Davyhulme” and the delayed for the Christmas rush will be “Davyhulme the back 9”.  I just hope his good form remains solid until the pairs at Wilmslow where he will be partnering me with his new handicap.