Spring Plate at Stand GC, April 2017

Spring Plate. Fast greens and faster tables

The event was held at Stand chosen as it has a reputation for good drainage throughout the year. It did not disappoint. The greens were being ironed on the day and the speed of them was a revelation for this time of year. The layout was quite hilly and there were no buggies so everybody was walking. There were quite a few weary legs making their way up the steep hill to the last green. Not everyone was tired playing the last in the morning event. Joe Boyd managed to hit is approach over the green onto the clubhouse roof. It bounced off that through the car park and was last seen going down the road in the direction of Radcliffe.  Below are the results from the morning event.

 Mention 25 pts  Bill Harris  Martin Claffy  Paul Sinnot
 Mention 26 pts  Pete Derbyshire  Howard Dickson  Kieran Dunn
 2nd place 26 pts  Kev Bolton  Ian Hopkins  Dave Baynes
 Winners 30 pts  Joe Boyd  Steve Payne  Ian Ringwood
Nearest the Pins 6. Nobody   13. Pete Derbyshire No 2's
Longest Drive Martin Claffy      


Top 7 Finishers

   Points Handicap  Revised
7. Andy Southworth 28 21.5 21.7
6. John Martin 28 21 21.2
5. Geoff Haynes 28 8  8.2
4. Ian Hopkins 28 19.6  19.8
3. Mike Hill 30 19  18
2. Dave Baynes


21.4  19.4
1. Pete Derbyshire 33 22  19


Having recovered from the fast greens of the morning we were introduced to the fast tables when having our soup and sandwiches. Great care had to be taken when placing anything on tables. It was like the placed object had a piece of dry ice underneath it and it was likely to slide off. A few people who were playing 18 holes only turned up at lunch. We were all pleased to see Andy Minshull had managed to turnout having heard of his medical problems at the AGM. It was touching to hear Ian Ringwood say he was using a strap-on. I think the Portland is more of a family than a society and Ian had made this statement not out of some obscene boast but to put Andy at ease. Captain Kevin was keen to make amends for his moment of remiss at the AGM. He announced he had really put the boat out and then delved into his baggage and pulled out 2 of the smallest bottles of wine I have seen in my life. I have researched wine bottle sizes and they were the smallest, known as a split. Of course Kevin was having a laugh and had 2 normal sized bottles which he has decided to distribute via the draw. They are just called a bottle. I could be guessing here but I think one was Australian stored in a barrel made of wood normally reserved for making boomerangs. The lucky winner of that bottle was Howard Dickson. That was where Howard’s luck ended. He placed the bottle on the table. The bottles homing instincts kicked in and head back to Kevin via the hard dance floor. Very messy I shall be contacting the wine bottlers association with the suggestion of the name ‘A Spilt’ for normal sized bottle. 

Back to the golf most people thought the course was challenging but good. Martin Claffy was not a fan of it but he was off colour. This was not helped by his electric trolley packing up before he had reached the first tee. His expansive game was not suited to the course and it was amazing that he didn’t lose a ball and still had enough energy to win the longest drive. With only 2 par 3’s there were no 2’s so it will be a rollover to the next event.

This event was won by Pete Derbyshire. Quite an achievement considering he had had 5 shots docked off his normal playing handicap due to the prop past at the AGM whereby you play of your lowest handicap for the first event which then is developed as your Portland handicap for the season. It was the first anniversary of Pete’s Gran’s death and so he dedicated his win to her. Everyone was pleased for Pete he’ll see one trophy this year