The Presidents Cup and AGM at Stockport, March 2017

Once again we were at the home course of our long standing President Bill Macbeth. The weather was better than predicted with only a short shower. The course was wet but playable. The greens were in need of a cut but recent rain prevented this. The catering staff were meticulous as usual. It is always a pleasure to be at Stockport

Nearest the Pins 5. Mike Hill 8. Phil Lancaster* 11. Bill Harris* 16. Martin Claffy
Longest Drive Terry Tobin      


Top 5 Finishers

   Points Handicap  Revised
5. Bob Chadwick 32 No change  
4. Pete Derbyshire 32 No change  
3. Brian Murray 33 26.7  25.7
2. Mike Hill 34 23  21
1. Dave Baynes 38 26.4  21.4


There was a touch of de ja vu with Dave Baynes winning again but he should find future events a little stiffer his new handicap excluding him from the two shots a hole club. With the average score for the day being 26 there will be a few people getting several shots back. It will be interesting to see what happens at Stand the next event.


The current captain Martin Claffy told us it had been an honour for him to be the captain. He then handed over the captaincy to Kevin Bolton. Kevin’s first action was to apologise for forgetting the captain’s prizes. He promised to double up next time. There will be Screwfix pencils and Ikea pencils. His choice to be his vice-captain was revealed to be Martin Scott. Kevin then proposed a toast to Neil Doggett who sadly passed away in the closed season.

The player of the year award was once again a close fought thing. With a different winner at each event again the 2 fighting for the top spot had shown consistency through the season. Martin Scott had won an event but it was the lowest scoring event of the season which he won on a card play-off. Which meant he was docked a shot more than 2nd place but had the same score to add to his race player of the year. Bill Harris the other contender made life hard for himself by racking up a high score at the 1st event of the season resulting in a low handicap which he maintained through the season. With a best 5 result total of 166 Martin pipped Bill on 163.

There were 4 proposals made. 3 pertaining handicapping and 1 regarding a knockout competition. The latter was dismissed as not proper to the Portland. The handicapping was discussed at length and voted on. What follows is a summary of the methodology the Portland current system.

At the start of the season members would play off their lowest handicap whether Portland or club. This would then be maintained through the season by the Portland and be their Portland handicap.

This Portland handicap can exceed their club handicap through the Portland season to a max of 28.

New members will be held to the old 24 maximum initially.

Following an event the average score will be obtained.

Scores above this but below 30 will get 0.2 back.

Scores 30 and above will get nothing back.

Scores 34 and above will be cut for each point above 33. These cuts will be dependent on their immediate handicap.

0-9 would be of a ratio 0.2.

10-18 would be of a ratio 0.5.

Above 18 would be of a ratio 1.

1st place will always be docked by at least 3, 2nd by 2 and 3rd by 1.

Scores below the average would get 0.5 back for every point below average. This would be capped at 28.

These shots would be awarded in the ratios of:

 0-9 would be of a ratio 0.2.

10-18 would be of a ratio 0.5.

Above 18 would be of a ratio 1.

Bill closed the meeting with news of Andy Minshull. You may recall he missed last year’s AGM because of wedding commitments. Andy missed this year as well. Bill had a doctor’s note. Obviously it would be wrong to divulge the contents. I do feel obliged to relay the devastating affect the contents of the note had on all there. There was not a dry eye in the room. I fear for his marriage and his swing.